SUNWING UV stabilized artificial vertical garden gives a three-year warranty. The back panel and all the vertical garden plants are rigorously tested to ISO 9001, which means that it can withstand any external environmental pressure. And the UV inhibitors help to minimizes fading, ensuring lush green year-round for exterior application, especially for privacy screen and outdoor landscape.

As the gold standard for artificial vertical garden systems, Sunwing has provided practical and creative green screening solution for a wide range of sectors, from hotels and property developments, corporate headquarters and public space, to homes and offices,gyms and gardens.


  • Material: 100% freshnew PE
  • Regular size: 1m x 1m(40¡¯x 40¡¯)
  • UV Stable: Yes or optional
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years, indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: UV test report by Intertek, heavy metal test by SGS
  • Package: 8 pieces/box
  • MOQ: 50 pieces
  • Supply Ability: Order for manufacture

Vertical Garden Wall Design

The artificial vertical garden is actually a metal mesh panel with many different branches of artificial foliage. Each panel comes in regular size of 1m x 1m, or can be customizable with bespoke orders. Rich varieties of plants are available on the vertical garden, like fern, ivy, laurel, etc.


Similar to horticultural planting methods, the arrangement of the foliage branches is compact, creating beautiful seamless coverage. The lush and overlapped foliage eliminates vertical and horizontal join lines and varying heights of planting gives a rich tapestry of texture and color.

Every branch and leaf of the artificial vertical garden are meticulously made of 100% fresh new PE. We captured every detail of nature, 1:1 model the structure of the living counterparts, and finally get the ultra-realistic artificial vertical garden plants. The exquisite craft combines with ingenious design and arrangement from our professional designer, makes the vertical garden in a class of their own.


Vertical Garden -Easy To Install

The installation of the artificial vertical garden wall has 4 easy steps to follow, which can be completed by yourself.

1.Measure the area you want to cover and mark the holes on the wall. Four holes are needed for per panel, one in each corner.

2.Drill the holes and insert the fixings into them.

3.Attach the vertical garden panels to the fixings and place them side by side.

4.Ruffling and bending the artificial vertical garden plants squashed in transit for a natural look.


For a large project, it is better to hire a reliable installer, who can give the artificial vertical garden wall extra oomph and give you peace of mind. Our team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have during the installation process.

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