Green life concept makes it common to applying greenery plants anywhere whether residential or commercial landscape. The below project is shared by Sunwings client who is an architects and contractors for commercial building. He creatively applying our artificial hedges wall panels on the exterior façade of the stereo garage.

The stereo garage applies automated charge so there is no staff there all the time. The property owners want to use vertical garden but the cost and maintenance is huge. After discussions with Sunwing, he finally decided to use our artificial hedges wall instead of living vertical garden or green walls. His requirements and questions are listed below:

Can Sunwing Artificial Hedges Wall Used Outdoors?

Sunwing Artificial Green wall panels are UV treated so they can Last long in Sun Exposure and harsh environment.

Can Sunwing artificial hedges be Fire-retardant?

Sunwing artificial hedges are fire treated as well to be fire proof and stop fire spread instantly for a safer interior and exterior landscape.

Any certificates?

Sunwing provide certificates or reports for non-heavy metal, UV protection or fire test.

How about the design and installation?

Sunwing are equipped with interior or landscape designers to help with wall design. Our artificial hedges wall panels are super easy to assemble and install. If needed, we can ship by roll for better installation.

Creating Process:

He send our landscape designer the onsite garage pictures below:

Onsite Stereo Garage

He want to cover the whole outdoor façade (475sqms) with green hedges. Our designers provide several artificial green wall designs and they finally choose the following pattern.

Artificial Green Wall Design Manuscript

The local installation group will do the following 1-2-3 aerial work to install the artificial hedges on wall.

Install the Iron Grid on the Light Steel Keel on the exterior Façade

Fix the panels flatly to the wall iron grid with zip ties according to the design manuscript

Trim The extra part for better appearance

Now, let’s see the final before and after pics.

before and after pics.of hedges wall for stereo garage


The building owners praise highly on this green walls and the artificial hedges wall makes this stereo garage much more popular nearby.

If you are landscapers, architects or contractors finding easy-maintained artificial hedges plants walls, our artificial hedges green walls panels will be the product of choice. More styles and inspirations thru

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